My Italian history

VincenzoI feel I should provide you with a little bit of background, both about myself and the origins of the dishes served in our restaurant.

I originally arrived in England in 1996, leaving a large family of chefs behind me, in my home town of Altamura (known as the little ‘town of bread’).

I came here to help my brother, who had already set up a well established and successful Italian Restaurant in Hull (named Operetta).

Altamura is located in the region of Puglia, in southern Italy, which is not only famous for its wine and olive oil but for the passion of its people and their love of food.

The local region is well known for its production of vast amounts of vegetables, including aubergines and artichokes. You will find these used in many of my meat and pasta dishes.

Also prominent is the production of fresh ‘Strascinati’ pasta, which is still made even to this day, by the hands of the elder women in my hometown, outside their houses and in their streets.

Vincenzo Tragni